Sullyoon (NMIXX) caused controversy among netizens for smirking too much

The series of expressions on stage of Sullyoon (NMIXX) is currently the talk of the town

Since making the debut with “rookie monster” NMIXX, Sullyoon has received much attention from the public thanks to her extremely beautiful appearance. Thanks to the visual that makes everyone fall in love, Sullyoon has surpassed a series of popular 4th generation idols to take the No. 1 position in the hearts of fans.

Sullyoon is called the top visual of the 4th generation

Sullyoon’s fancam video of her performing the song “Tank” recently went viral, as netizens praised her for attractive expressions on stage. Specifically, the NMIXX member has a great combination of dancing, singing skills, and expressions when performing, despite the fact that it has only been a few months since her debut.

Sullyoon’s Tank fancam 
Sullyoon showed confidence 
and diverse expressions on stage 

Sullyoon’s diverse expressions have earned her numerous compliments from netizens. However, aside from positive comments, there are also some netizens who claim that Sullyoon’s expressions feel somewhat forced and she smirks too much. 


Some noticeable comments from netizens:

  • I don’t get why she is praised for having good expressions… All she does is smirk every 3 seconds. She looks somewhat forced. 
  • Sullyoon’s potential is huge. She is not only pretty but also has great stage presence. 
  • Her expressions are good for a rookie. She’s not yet excellent but she’s definitely not awkward on stage. 
  • Her expressions are fine but I wouldn’t say they’re great either.
  • I personally find Sullyoon’s stage presence so-so, but she still catches my eye whenever I watch NMIXX’s performances. She just debuted so she will improve. 
  • Is it because of her teeth, or her mouth? Anyway it makes her look a bit unnatural and forced. Her expressions are not stiff though, just not great. But I do believe Sullyoon will only get better. She has a lot of potential. 
Sullyoon is considered one of the most promising 4th gen rookie female idols at the moment 
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