Han Ye-seul Announced She Officially Got Married To Her 10 years Younger Boyfriend

Actress Han Ye-seul registered her marriage with her lover, who is 10 years younger than her.

Han Ye-seul released a video on her YouTube channel on May 7th and announced that she had registered her marriage with her boyfriend. In the video, Han said, “By the time this video is released, the marriage will have already been registered. That’s why now we’re an official couple. I’m out of stock (married) now.”

han ye seul

“Actually, I was always a sold-out girl (married girl). During the time I dated my boyfriend, I always thought we were partners,” Han said. “Being married was not important to me. I thought we were best friends for the rest of my life, so I never felt the need.”

han ye seul

Han Ye-seul said, “I will become a bride in May. Officially, I am a married woman,” adding, “I wanted to let everyone who loves me know, and I wanted to let them know as I am. I hope you will bless and support us in the future. I will do my best to show you how I am doing well. I will try to put my husband in front of the camera even though he is shy.”

Han Ye-seul is being applauded for “directly” announcing her relationship from dating to marriage. In 2021, Han announced on her personal account that she was dating her boyfriend who is 10 years younger.

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