HyunA “Jeon Somi comes to my house in comfortable outfits with no bra”

Singer HyunA (real name Kim HyunA, 31) embarrassed singer Jeon Somi (22) with her spicy volubility.

HyunA appeared as a guest in the first episode of the YouTube channel TEO’s web entertainment show “Yes or Hot” on August 23rd. “Yes or Hot” is a talk show in which host Jeon Somi and the guests have to eat spicy food if they cannot say “Yes” to the questions given by each other.


In the first round, spicy squid gimbap appeared. First of all, Jeon Somi asked HyunA, who ended her long public relationship last year, “If ‘EXchange 3’ contacts you, are you willing to star on the show?” HyunA replied, “Yes.”

HyunA told Jeon Somi, “Wow, that was intense. When you come to my house you come in comfortable outfits with no bra.” Jeon Somi immediately put gimbap in her mouth, causing laughter.

Source: Naver

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