TWICE sang a brand new song on their 6th anniversary live, Jeongyeon appeared after a rapid weight loss?

Candy is a track with a sweet melody TWICE dedicated to the fans on the occasion of their 6th debut anniversary.

On October 20, TWICE had a live broadcast to celebrate their 6th debut anniversary called “H6me Party with 6NCE”. During the live, many fun activities took place, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere among the members of the JYP girl group. In particular, the return of Tzuyu and Jeongyeon after their absence from previous schedules completed the 9-member lineup, making the anniversary celebration even more meaningful.

TWICE 6th anniversary
TWICE had an interesting and cozy live broadcast on their 6th debut anniversary

Most notably, TWICE introduced a brand new, unreleased song through the live as a gift for fans. The song is called Candy with a soft and sweet melody like its name. Jeongyeon and Tzuyu also joined the members during the performance of Candy.

TWICE performed their new song “Candy” during the group’s 6th debut anniversary live broadcast
TWICE 6th anniversary
The stage for “Candy” with all 9 members of TWICE
TWICE 6th anniversary
Jeongyeon has officially returned after a hiatus

Recent photos of Jeongyeon showing her noticeable weight gain during the filming of “The Feels” MV has attracted netizens’ attention these days. Her medications led to side effects such as water retention and hormonal imbalances and thereby caused such a change in appearance. But in TWICE’s live broadcast on October 20, Jeongyeon appeared looking surprisingly skinny. 

TWICE 6th anniversary
Jeongyeon appeared with a slim appearance…
jeongyeon twice
Hopefully Jeongyeon will fully recover soon to attend TWICE’s upcoming schedules with other members!
jeongyeon twice
… different from her previous image 
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