Surgery on this flawless face? Fans are worried by the news of Golden Child member Bomin’s facial fracture

Golden Child’s Bomin is scheduled to go on a hiatus due to a facial fracture.

On September 29th, Woollim Entertainment, the agency of Golden Child, said, “Golden Child member Choi Bomin was hit in the face by a wood club wielded by another person during golf practice on the afternoon of September 28th during his personal schedule. He immediately received emergency treatment and a thorough examination.”

According to the agency, Bomin will have to undergo surgery due to a facial fracture. His surgery schedule will be adjusted, and he will focus on rest for the time being to recover after treatment according to the recommendations of the medical staff.  As a result, it is difficult for Bomin to participate in the future activities of Golden Child.

Fans are showing their concern and support for Bomin. They left comments such as, “What is going on?”, “A fracture to that handsome face ㅠㅠ”, “I hope you recover well after surgery,” “I am worried that Bomin’s handsome face will be damaged after the surgery.”

Unsurprisingly, Bomin is famous in the broadcasting industry for his visuals. On a program, the panelists praised Bomin’s sculptural face, saying, “Bomin, his face is flawless.” Therefore, the news that he suffered a facial fracture is causing much regret, and many people are hoping for his speedy recovery after the surgery. 

In this regard, the agency said, “We will inform you about Bomin’s schedule when he is ready to resume activities in the future. We will do our best to put Bomin’s health first.”

Meanwhile, Golden Child released their sixth mini-album ‘AURA’ in August and promoted the title track ‘REPLAY’.

Source: daum

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