“Jang Na-ra’s brother” Jang Sung-won shared his date at the snack bar with his younger sister: “To protect your eyes and mood”

Jang Na-ra’s older brother shared his daily life with his younger sister.

Jang Na-ra‘s older brother Jang Sung-won posted a photo on his Instagram in the afternoon of Sep 29th, saying, “Hanging out after a while at Sinsa-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, where I lived for about 27 years, with a human being who has the same bloodline as myself.”

He said, “The two of us ate so deliciously, drank a cup of coffee, and even watched the Bulgwangcheon event, and came back fruitfully,” adding, “To protect everyone’s eyes and mood, that human being will be blurred ^^.”

The released photos included tteokbokki and various fried foods of a snack bar. He then released a picture taken with Jang Na-ra, where he was looking at the camera with a mask on while Jang Na-ra was wearing a hat. Na-ra’s blurred face makes everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, Jang Na-ra, who was born in 1981, is 41 years old. She recently married a non-celebrity man six years younger her on June 26th.

Source: nate

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