Super Junior’s Kyuhyun came under controversy for crashing Taeyeon’s paid video call with a fan 

Kyuhyun is facing criticism from K-netizens for his out-of-nowhere appearance at Taeyeon’s video call fansign. 

On March 15, Taeyeon had a video call fansign as part of the promotions for her 3rd album “INVU“. Since the start of the pandemic, online fansigns in the form of one-on-one video calls have gotten more common, in which lucky fans who purchased albums are randomly selected to have a 2-minute talk with their favorite idols. 

After Taeyeon’s fansign took place, a controversy erupted as a fan posted a screenshot from their video call with Taeyeon, showing Super Junior’s Kyuhyun suddenly showing up behind Taeyeon and waving to the fan. 

Kyuhyun’s action has come under criticism from not only Taeyeon’s fans but also Korean netizens. Plenty of comments on an online community are calling out Kyuhyun for being rude, thoughtless and not considering the fan’s feelings. This is because the fan must have spent a lot of money to receive the opportunity to have a conversation with Taeyeon for only a few minutes. Therefore, Kyuhyun barging in the call like that wasted the precious short time the fan had. 

Super Junior Kyuhyun
Kyuhyun was called rude for suddenly appearing in a video call of Taeyeon with a fan 

Also during this fansign, Taeyeon hinted that Girls’ Generation would be making a comeback later this year to celebrate their 15th debut anniversary and told fans to look forward to it.

Earlier in an interview with Star News on January 17, another member of Girls’ Generation, Yuri, also revealed that the members are trying to arrange a suitable schedule for a group comeback to meet SONEs together.

Super Junior Kyuhyun
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