Rosé (BLACKPINK) has been confirmed to perform at M Countdown after nearly 5 years

Even fans found it hard to believe when Mnet confirmed Rosé performed at the music show M Countdown

Kpop fans all know that YG Entertainment and Mnet have a bad relationship.  For a long time, YG artists did not participate in variety shows and awards ceremonies organized by this TV station.  But things started to change from the end of 2020, rookie group TREASURE not only attended the MAMA awards ceremony but also performed on the music show M Countdown, making many people think that the two sides have decided to “make up”.

On the eve of Rosé (BLACKPINK) making her solo debut with the single album -R-, Mnet announced that the female idol will perform at the music show next week (March 18).  It is unclear whether the main vocal of BLACKPINK will bring a b-side song Gone with the title song On The Ground or not, but her appearance at M Countdown shocked the fans so much!

Thus, after nearly 5 years, Rosé will re-appear on Mnet’s music show.  The last time BLACKPINK was promoted at M Countdown was November 2016, when the group made a comeback with the song Playing With Fire.  When the 4 girls came back with How You Like That (6/2020), Mnet suddenly reposted their performance, sparked speculation that BLACKPINK would soon return to M Countdown.

As a result, the fans are extremely happy, because M Countdown is famous for its visual and stage quality, promising to help Rosé deliver an impressive performance.  Many people also hope that Rosé’s appearance at this music show will be a stepping stone for BLACKPINK to attend the MAMA awards ceremony held later this year.

Fan comments:

 – Woah, so YG and Mnet get back together.

 – I can’t believe it, my goodness!

– I suddenly realized that Mnet had started making up with YG for a long time, and I was about to scream because the stages of every idol at M ​​Countdown are usually beautifully decorated.  And I don’t know how great Chaeng’s stage will be.

 – Surprisingly real, at the end of this year, BLACKPINK will go to MAMA?!?

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