DJ who has worked with BTS and EXO gives strict response on rumor of sajaegi

Band KOXX’s member and EDM DJ Shaun has been under suspicion for digital manipulation.

Shaun said on the 17th that “There is no way it’s digital manipulation. As a musician who works hard on my music, I do not analyze the path and strategy for the song to win top of the charts on music site,” said Shaun, “Our company will release an official statement, but I heard that marketing through facebook contributed a big part in it.
He also said, “I tried to tell you a long time about what was wrong, but i think i didn’t do it in a proper way,” he add, “But I am always proud that I have never done such shameful acts like digital manipulation while making music.”
Shaun’s “Way Back Home,” which was released on June 27, has ranked #1 on the Real Time charts at Melon and Genie, the largest music site in Korea at 9:00 am on the 17th. For three weeks after the song released, he was in the lead with a reverse run. The song entered Melon chart at 0:00 am on the same day, and at 8 am in the morning, and it recorded a “kick in the roof” (melon’s highest real-time share).
DJ who has worked with BTS and EXO gives strict response on rumor of sajaegi
The chart includes the strongest, such as Twice, BlackPink and Apink, followed by Mamamoo and Seventeen who released their new song on 16th. It raised suspicion, because it is hard to beat all these idol groups with a thick fan base in the time zone without a digital manipulation. Shaun himself also captured his first song ranked 1st on the chart and posted it on the SNS saying, “Hey, what is this?”
Shaun is a member of the KOXX, a top EDM DJ and a hit maker, who has been working on the songs of K-Pop singers such as BTS, EXO, Epik High and f(x). Shaun also appeared as a DJ in survival program ‘Headliner’ and also produced the opening VCR song in EXO’s concert, Kai’s guitar BGM “Deep Breath,” and the FEX concert opening track. In addition, Shaun has collaborated with EXO at the closing ceremony of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, and has shown brilliant performance.

Sources: Naver, edaily

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