With just an action, Song Ji Hyo revealed her true relationship with Jeon So Min: Whether the 2 female members of Running Man hate each other as rumored?

This is a rare time when the audience sees two female members of Running Man, Song Ji Hyo and Jeon So Min, interact with each other on social networks.

Since joining Running Man, Jeon So Min has always been a controversial name and often gets mixed reactions from netizens.  In particular, many viewers believe that since she appeared, Song Ji Hyo’s broadcast time has been somewhat reduced and her role as a “trump card” has also gradually faded away. So even though 4 years have passed, many rumors suggest that the two actresses have a bad relationship. 

Until recently, the post on Song Ji Hyo’s Instagram gave the clearest and most convincing answer to the above question.  The actress posted a picture of a bare face with corns sent by Jeon So Min.  She couldn’t hide her joy and thanked her close friend through the post.  Soon after, Jeon So Min also quickly interacted with her senior, making fans excited.

Ji Hyo’s super cute caption made everyone laugh because it was so cute: “The corn that our So Min gave me. I want to show it off to everyone right away. I will eat well. So Min-ah, thank you”.  Soon after, So Min commented under the post: “So sweet”, with loving heart symbols.

After more than 4 years of joining the official lineup of Running Man, Jeon So Min from a controversial name is gradually winning the hearts of the audience.  Through the broadcast and real-life interactions, fans can easily see that she is very compatible with the program as well as the rest of the members.

Especially with Song Ji Hyo, she is no longer under a lot of pressure as the only female member on the show.  Song Ji Hyo has one more “sister”, Jeon So Min has one more close sister and gradually becomes on of the most beloved couple on Running Man.

Source: K14

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