BTS’s Jungkook responds to “Business Proposal” director’s spoiler, “Don’t be surprised at ‘A handsome man like Jungkook'”

BTS’s Jungkook draws attention by responding to director Park Seon-ho of SBS’ drama “Business Proposal”.

On March 20th, Jungkook shared an Instagram post by director Park Seon-ho of SBS’ drama “Business Proposal” through his story.

BTS Jungkook

On March 18th, when Jungkook left a question on his Instagram story “What should I do now?”, a fan answered, “Binge-watching Business Proposal.”

Jungkook responded, “I’ve already watched it all”, showing he is a regular viewer of the drama. After that, “Business Proposal” director Park Seon-ho expressed his gratitude towards the youngest member of BTS through his Instagram by saying, “After seeing Jungkook’s story, I wanted to show it off right away, so I took a screenshot and posted it. Jungkook, I love you.”

BTS Jungkook-Park Seon-ho

In response to director Park Seon-ho’s love for him, Jungkook later shared the director’s post on his Instagram story. 

In particular, director Park Seon-ho aroused fans’ curiosity and anticipation by giving a surprise spoiler that Jungkook will be mentioned in a future episode of “Business Proposal”. He said in his post, “In the remaining episodes of our drama’s broadcast, there is going to be a line that goes ‘a handsome man like Jungkook’, so don’t be surprised.” 

BTS Jungkook

Fans expressed their excitement by leaving comments:

  • Jungkook must have seen the spoiler about that line too. I’m curious about his reaction
  • Jungkook wouldn’t be surprised while watching the drama and suddenly his name pops up though. He already knows he is handsome 
  • I’m so glad Jungkook is using Instagram. I feel like I’m getting closer to him
  • Let’s binge watch “Business Proposal” with Jungkook now 
  • It’s so cute that Jungkook likes romance dramas
  • The director and Jungkook are both cute 
  • I wonder which episode Jungkook will be mentioned
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