Sign language: a new highlight in the choreography of a series of Kpop groups such as BTS, BTOB, Wei,…

The hand’s language, commonly referred to as sign language, is a new highlight of the choreography of many Kpop groups. It’s used by farmers who can’t learn to speak with sound, which means ‘visible language’.

BTS has recently become the most famous boy group all over the world. Their new song Permission To Dance contains international sign language in the choreography. It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to get closer to the language. Let’s take a look at all the songs that have sign language in the choreography and find out what their meanings were.

#Tiara – TIAMO

t ara tiamo 803801830

T-ARA‘s “TIAMO” released in 2016 used sign language which means “The Lover”. Sign language with the meaning of appears as a choreography. In the chorus, T-ara’s phrase “Our own secret password” is repeated. They use the pinky of the right hand and the thumb of the left hand to create the word “Lover”  to match the lyrics and the beautiful mood of the song.

# B1A4 – You’re lying.

b1a4 you are lying 193891830981

In the highlighted part of B1A4′s “Lie” released in 2016. It contains three sign language gestures tailored to the title “It’s a Lie” and the lyrics. You hit the ball of your hand twice and put your index finger in front of your nose, which means a lie, and put your hands on both sides. “Leaving” is the move to move away, and “Stroke your chin” is the move to move away.  It means ‘happiness’.

#BTOB – Missing You

btob missing you 10380184082498029

BTOB’s “Missing You” released in 2017 also uses sign language in its choreography. The performance has definitely touched my heart. The chorus part ”I spend a year missing you” is the part that contains 3 hand signs which mean ‘a year’, ‘go by’ and ‘missing’. The MV “Missing You” soon became a hot topic after release because BTOB is choreographed this song with sign language as a gift to deaf fans for the Disabled Day

# BTS – Permission To Dance

permission to dance bts 39829849082094 scaled 1

BTS’s new song “Permission to Dance” is the song that they incorporated so many sign languages used throughout the dance with three meanings “fun”, “dance” and “peace”. Moving your hands up and down with two fists and just opening up your thumb means “fun”. Opening up one hand and using two fingers, on the other hand, to move on means “dance”. And finally, making a V with two hands symbolizes peace. 

# MAMAMOO – Starry Night

starry night mamamoo 8298982948204

Sign language also appears in Mamamoo’s “Starry Night,” which was released in 2018. They use sign language for the line “Starry Night” which is constantly repeated in the chorus by crossing hands and opening up all their fingers to express sparkle. This symbol makes the song even more meaningful.


seventeen thank you 103801309810

SEVENTEEN’s “THANKS” was released in 2018. The sign language of meaning is really touching. By raising the blade and hitting the back of the other hand twice, SEVENTEEN uses a sign that expresses “thank you” as a choreography.


twice fancy 389024098290480924

Twice’s point choreography for ‘FANCY’ released in 2019 contains sign languages. During the chorus choreography, the hand gestures that the members take with the middle finger and the ring finger which combining the English words ‘I, L, Y’ to symbolically express ‘I LOVE YOU’. It is known as the universal language of sign language.

# Weki Meki – Butterfly

Weki Meki Butterfly 92849820948

Weki Meki’s 2nd mini-album was pre-released and the remake song was released in 2018. Especially for ‘Butterfly’, the entire choreography consists of sign language. As the song was produced as a cheering song for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

# WeI – Spring Day Cover Stage

We.I Spring Day Cover Stage 429094029

WeI appeared on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’, which was broadcast as a Christmas special last year. A special stage was prepared as they cover BTS’ ‘Spring Day’. In particular, WeI wrote lyrics such as ‘I miss you’, ‘Time’, and ‘Stay here’ in the middle of the stage. They added choreography expressed in sign language to support everyone in the COVID-19 pandemic. It added even more meaning to the message of overcoming together.

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