Song Joong-ki “Rumors surrounding wife Katy, hurt + angry as husband”

Actor Song Joong-ki opened up about his family during an interview for the movie “Hopeless”

Song Joong-ki, who married former British actress Katy Louise Saunders in January and welcomed their son in June, spoke candidly about his family life during the interview. He mentioned that his wife encouraged him to attend the Cannes Film Festival, even though she had attended Cannes and Berlin Film Festival before him due to her previous acting career. Song Joong-ki shared that becoming a father changed his perspective, emphasizing the need to lead a good life and become a better person.

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Song Joong-ki also discussed the challenges he and his wife faced due to media scrutiny and unfounded rumors when they confirmed their relationship and marriage earlier this year. He expressed his frustration and disappointment with reporters who wrote speculative stories about his wife, who is no longer involved in the entertainment industry. Despite the challenges, Song Joong-ki acknowledged that this experience taught him maturity and that he learned from his wife’s positive attitude.

song joong ki

The actor also talked about his role as a father and the joy he finds in parenting. He shared that he and his wife take turns caring for their baby, and he expressed pride in parenting responsibilities. Song Joong-ki emphasized the importance of being an upright father and maintaining a strong moral character for the sake of his child. He also mentioned his wife’s support and the audition he attended for a BBC work in the UK with her assistance, hinting at a potential future project.

Meanwhile, Song Joong-ki’s latest film “Hopeless” is a neo-noir thriller film about a boy named Yeon-gyu (Hong Xa-bin), who wants to escape from the hellish reality, meeting an organization’s middle boss Chi-geon (Song Joong-ki) and experiencing the dangerous world together. It is scheduled to be released theatrically on October 11th.

Source: Naver

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