This girl who appeared in a very unusual outfit turns out to be a TWICE member

Twice member Momo appeared wearing a paper bag and caught the attention of fans.

Momo posted several photos on her Instagram on the 25th, saying, “Paper bag is a must when waiting in line for good restaurants”

In the released photo, Momo poses full of mischief in front of a restaurant. In particular, she wears a paper bag like a tosh and puts it on his head, drawing laughter from viewers.

Meanwhile, TWICE, which Momo belongs to, will make a comeback with a new mini-album “BETWEEN 1&2” next month. According to information released on TWICE’s official Twitter account, the album will include a total of seven tracks, including “Queen of Hearts,” “Basics,” “Trouble,” “Brave,” “Gone,” and “When We Were Kids.”

The title song “Talk that Talk” was composed and produced by Lee Woo-min, a composer who has worked with many hits of TWICE such as “KNOCK KNOCK”, “What is Love?, and “The Feels”.

Source: wikitree

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