BLACKPINK’s Rosé replied to a fan’s DM but then blocked the fan shortly after?

The hilarious situation of a fan getting a DM reply from  BLACKPINK’s Rosé on Instagram garners much attention.

Recently, an international BLINK has gained much attention after sharing her story of being blocked by Rosé on Instagram. Specifically, this fan was more excited than ever when she received a reply from Rosé to many of her direct messages. Rosé wrote: “Hahahaha sorry”. 


The fan also screen-recorded a video to prove that the account that texted her was indeed Rosé’s official Instagram, and not someone else.

Because the fan was so thrilled after getting a response that she continued to text Rosé and even had her messages “seen” by the female idol. However, a “twist” happened about 20 minutes later when this lucky fan ended up getting blocked by Rosé…

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Specifically, in the next story, this person could not hide his shock when she was blocked by Rosé: “and then, like twenty minutes later I checked her profile to see that she blocked me. She actually blocked me. I was extremely confused and hurt at first, ngl lowkey cried a little but now I’m realizing the situation more.”

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Although shocked when the idol directly blocked her after she had just replied to the message, this person had an explanation on her Instagram after careful consideration. The lucky BLINK stated: 

“So after much speculation, I realized that because Rosé accidentally sent me a DM, that meant I was able to message her any time I wanted and it would actually show up on her phone. I knew it showed up because she immediately saw my messages as soon as I sent them. She must have been confused as I was. 

That’s also why it took her a while before she blocked me. Now I really wish she didn’t have to do that, like imagine finally being noticed by your idol (but at what cost) and they f**king block you. 

Anyways, she must have been scared that I was gonna flood her DM’s every day and basically act like a sasaeng. So she had no choice but to block me. And that is how I finally got noticed by Rosé. 

I still love her, just have to check up on her using another account now hahahahaha. my gosh how did this even happen to me”

Because the incident attracted a lot of attention from BLINKs, this lucky fan explained the reason and shared the story thoroughly.

It can be seen that, despite the fact that Rosé had blocked her account, this person understood that she did not want to be disturbed, so she was forced to act in this manner. Furthermore, many people noticed that Rosé said “sorry” before blocking this fan. The fan community considers Rosé’s actions to be extremely polite and respectful to this fan. This case is now still being shared on social media by the BLINK community

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