Red Velvet shows off beautiful visuals, Knet forgives Irene because of her beauty?

Red Velvet’s latest clip received many compliments. Netizens began to support Irene again.

On November 5th, the girl group Red Velvet released a season greetings video on YouTube. This is the first time Wendy appeared after the accident and the first product with 5-member line up after the Irene scandal. Netizens felt happy when Wendy seemed to be more healthy and began to stop criticizing the leader, Irene. 

Without gorgeous outfits and makeup, Red Velvet is the most beautiful with natural makeup and simple hairstyles. The pure and fragile image of the five members in the teaser clip is praised for their outstanding beauty. Many people thought that they should choose this image for the next comeback. Fans believed that it’s just a teaser clip for the calendar photos but as impressive as an MV trailer.

Netizens’ reaction to the new clip of Red Velvet is also exciting. Wendy’s recovery is the focus of attention. The main vocalist was able to pose. Her face was a bit chubby, but she was still stunning. Wendy seemed to have recovered from her injury. Fans hoped she would return to Red Velvet’s activities soon.

Irene still received mixed opinions. One side could not forgive her because of her bad attitude. They asked the female idol to leave the group, and Red Velvet should form a new unit. Some comments: “Personality is more important than appearance”, “I feel bad for the rest of the members, but does she need to appear?”, “She’s so brazen”, “All I can think about is her power abuse when I see Irene”, “This is ridiculous.”

However, many people left positive comments, expressing their willingness to forgive Irene: “If she admitted her mistake then I am ready to support the group again”, “I must admit she is extremely beautiful”,…

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