“The Last Princess”: You thought it’s in Japan, right? Actually, it’s an island in Jeollanam-do

In the 2016 film “The Last Princess”, Kim Jang-han (Park Hae-il) and Deokhye (Son Ye-jin) had a hard time fleeing for asylum. 

The place where the two stayed is the base of the Independence Army in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. However, the actual filming location is an island located in Sinan, Jeollanam-do.

Although this scene is in the mid-to-late part of the movie’s flow, the actual filming took place in the early part.

The Last Princess

Originally there were no lines in the scene where Deokhye treated Kim Jang-han, who was injured, but Son Ye-jin added the line “Hang in there” to inject tension.

The scene where Deokhye warmed herself and rubbed her face with her hands was created by adding Son Ye-jin‘s idea to the existing script.

Source: Daum

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