Female K-pop idols under controversy over attitudes towards their own group members 

These female idols have received divided opinions over how they acted around their members.

In the K-pop world, female idols are under scrutiny for their attitudes all the time. No matter how popular they are, controversies over personalities often lead these girl group members to face criticism from eagle-eyed netizens. 

IVE’s Gaeul came under controversy over her insensitive action toward Liz. When asked who the member with the worst fashion sense is, IVE members showed awkward expressions.

While other members wanted to change the topic, Gaeul said it was Liz without hesitation. Gaeul’s answer made the atmosphere awkward. Although some people thought Gaeul was being inconsiderate, fans defended her saying Gaeul was only joking. 

Other members wanted to move on to another question
gaeul ive
Gaeul answered Liz 

(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua also came under criticism for her attitude toward other members. Backstage of M!Countdown, (G)I-DLE played a game to choose the person who could appear on the thumbnail.

When Miyeon won, Shuhua raised her hand in protest. According to Shuhua, last time Miyeon already appeared on the thumbnail and mentioned that she was promised to be on the thumbnail. Seeing Shuhua’s action, Yuqi sitting next to her gently stopped her. 

shuhua gidle
Shuhua raised her hand in protest when Miyeon won
shuhua gidle
Yuqi noticed Shuhua’s improper attitude in front of the camera 

When (G)I-DLE was asked “Who learns the choreography in the longest time?“, Shuhua bluntly answered “Miyeon”. Shuhua’s answer without honorifics also caused her to be criticize. 

shuhua gidle
 Shuhua was said to disrespect the older members

In STAYC, J is the member who often gets into awkward situations. Accordingly, the group members often make fun of J’s voice in an ungainly way. In March 2022, during the group’s live promotion of the song “RUN2U”, Yoon, Seeun and Sumin caught the attention by parodying J’s signature deep voice. J felt awkward and embarrassed by their joke. The female idol had to grab Yoon’s shoulder at that point to put an end to the joke.

J Stayc
J was quite flustered by being teased by the members of the group.  (Photo: Pinterest)

This joke of the members caused them to receive a lot of criticism.  Some viewers said that they did not think about J’s feelings. However, many viewers thought that the group members were just joking with each other, in order to bring a happy atmosphere, not because they were at odds.  After that, J herself also explained, “Sometimes we can joke with each other, but we will never keep them in mind for too long. Because after that, nothing will happen, don’t think about it”.

J Stayc
Yoon rudely parodied J’s voice
J Stayc
J had to speak up, confirming that the members still have a good relationship.  (Photo: Pinterest)

When IZ*ONE was still active, Wonyoung made many viewers angry for thinking that she intentionally pushed Sakura. That’s the situation when IZ*ONE was on the way to the set Music bench. Back then, IZ*ONE stood side by side to wave to fans and the press. Sakura unintentionally leaned toward Wonyoung since the shooting position was so constrained. Many videos capture the moment when Wonyoung pushed Sakura, forcing the Japanese idol to lose her balance. Even Wonyoung’s mouth pattern revealed that she advised Sakura to “be careful.”

Wonyoung used to have a nasty attitude towards Sakura.  (Photo: allkpop)

This was not the first time Wonyoung was accused of having a bad attitude towards fellow IZ*ONE members.  Once, when everyone was happily listening to Yujin, Wonyoung gave her a controversial glare.

The female idol’s expression was considered rude.  (Photo: YouTube Han anonymous)

Working as a group requires idols to unite and understand each other.  Therefore, their actions, whether unintentional or intentional, and their attitudes also partly reflect the relationship between members.

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