Angela Baby filed a lawsuit against the blogger who spread rumors that she had an affair with Kris Wu

Angela Baby was also implicated in Kris Wu's incident, which shook the public. However, the actress' studio quickly took drastic action against this malicious rumor.

According to the Sohu website, Angela Baby has been the target of several love rumors for a long time, causing media frenzy. One of the most prominent controversies is the existence of a blogger account that claims Huang Xiaoming‘s wife had an affair with Kris Wu. This allegation has harmed Baby’s reputation and image, especially because the male singer is embroiled in the most serious scandal in Chinese entertainment history.

According to this blogger, Angela Baby and Wu Yifan developed affections for each other while appearing on a TV show, and the two even dated at midnight. Because Baby and Kris Wu used to be on the show FOURTRY, this news generated quite a commotion on social media.

Angela Baby filed a lawsuit against the blogger who spread rumors that she had an affair with Kris Wu

On the other hand, Angela Baby’s studio firmly filed a lawsuit against this blogger. According to reports, this blogger has been spreading fake information about the actress for a long time in order to damage her reputation. Huang Xiaoming’s wife demanded 150,000 yuan in compensation, as well as 200,000 yuan in mental harm compensation, from the defendant.

After a period of proceedings, the court decided that Baby had won the case, ordering the defendant to publicly apologize and compensate the actress a total of 60,000 yuan, including mental comfort and benefit fees.

Angela Baby

Many news outlets believe that decisive actions by the artists are required in the wake of ongoing reports about the showbiz world’s private lives, which have caused widespread public uncertainty. Cnet is still waiting for an official announcement from the police about Kris Wu’s crime and sentence.

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