Freezia opens new YouTube channel…”I was afraid and lonely. This will be my new beginning”

Freezia delivered her recent status after opening a new YouTube channel.

On May 20th, Freezia posted a video titled “Freezia NEW channel open! Recent status, moving house, Bazzi” on her YouTube channel “THE Freezia”.

Along with the video, Freezia wrote, “Freen2is, you’ve been waiting for a long time, right? I missed you so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me during my hiatus. Let’s never be apart again… If there’s any content you want to see, let me know in the comments!! Let’s run again. I love you, Freen2is.”

In the video, Freezia said, “When did I post the last video? I think it was Christmas. I haven’t uploaded anything since. I tried to come back to you as fast as I could, but it didn’t work out. Anyway, it’s 2023 now. I want to thank Freen2is for waiting for me patiently. It feels like I’m starting YouTube for the first time.”

She continued, “I spent most of my time at home. I spent quality time with Bazzi. One big change in my life is that I’m moving to a new place. In the past, I had only lived in apartments. So this was my first experience living in a house. The biggest downside was that I had to live with pests like mosquitoes. I’m really afraid of bugs. I can’t even kill them. Occasionally there were bees as well, so I had to call pest control. I don’t want Bazzi to get bitten by mosquitoes. And there’s also a chance that Bazzi might hunt a big insect and play with it, because Bazzi isn’t afraid of bugs. So I was really worried about the upcoming summer. Luckily, the one year contract is coming to an end. So I decided to move to a different place. The next video will be a vlog about me getting prepared to move.”

Freezia went on to say, “I signed Bazzi up for a dog kindergarten. The first month will be like a trial period. If Bazzi likes it, then it will continue. While I wasn’t uploading content on Youtube, I’ve been devoting most of my time to Bazzi.

She confessed, “I have a new family. With the help of the new agency, I’ll try my best to show you the good sides of me. Anyway, I’m starting a new channel. So I hope Freen2is subscribe to my new channel. I don’t normally say something like this because I think it’s really embarrassing. I think I have asked for a subscription less than five times throughout my entire YouTube career. Thank you so much for waiting patiently. I’ll do my best to stay close to you.”

Finally, Freezia expressed her feelings, “This will be my new beginning. It really feels that way. I was really afraid and lonely. But I know I can do it again. Because I know Freen2is are going to support me.

Source: Nate

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