“A2K”, JYP’s global girl group project, recorded nearly 20 million views

The global girl group project “A2K” of JYP has been proving a “global popularity craze” as its attract massive attention.

In episode 6 of JYP Entertainment (JYP)’s global girl group launch project “A2K” (America2Korea), the overall ranking of the dance evaluation, LA Boot Camp’s first competency, was unveiled.

Up to episode 5, which was released on July 28th, 8 out of 11 LA Boot Camp participants were judged on their dance skills. 6 of them, including Savanna, Camila, Lexus, Kendall, KG and Cristina, received favorable reviews and obtained stones. Episode 6 of “A2K”, which was released on JYP’s official YouTube channel at 10 AM on August 1st, showed the dance evaluation of the last runners Kaylee, Gina and Yuna. The overall ranking of those who obtained dance evaluation stones, the first gateway to JYP’s headquarters, was announced.


In episode 6, Kaylee performed in line with TWICE’s “What is Love?” with a relaxed determination of “Go with the flow. Just have fun“. Seeing this, J. Y. Park handed her a stone and praised “I could definitely use some more power and speed. But you’re the youngest among the contestants. What makes you be that relaxed?

J. Y. Park then commented on Gina, who performed chose ITZY’s “SNEAKERS”, saying, “I don’t feel the dance is alive enough. It’s like you’re almost programmed to dance like that. I don’t feel like you’re giving yourself enough room to do that. I need those spontaneous expressions, spontaneous movements”.

However, he couldn’t find anything wrong with Gina’s dance and gave her a stone.

Regarding Yuna, who performed Miss A’s “Good-bye Baby”, J. Y. Park expressed regret, “You were dancing ahead of the music. You think about your movements and you’re not listening to the music. That’s when the movement gets ahead of the music. You have to let the music make you dance.”

Yuna ended up not getting a stone. As a result, only 8 out of 11 participants received stones.

JYP's global girl group project

LA Boot Camp’s first evaluation was finally completed. The rankings from 1st to 8th were announced for the first time excluding Mischa, Melissa and Yuna, who failed to acquire stones. The 8th place was KG, who showed the “best” improvement compared to local auditions. No.7 was Camila, who was praised as she maintains all the good points and improved missing points.

The youngest contestant Kaylee, who made everyone smile with her ability to enjoy music and dance calmly, came in 6th. Gina, who impressed viewers with her flawless choreography, ranked 5th. Savanna, who proved “concentration”, “dedication” and “effort” by showing a relaxed yet powerful choreography that flowed along with the music, came in 4th.

J. Y. Park called Lexus, who was praised for being “like a different person” with her dynamics beyond imagination and amazing development, for the 3rd place. Kendall, who proved the potential of a “top-notch dancer” with surprisingly advanced performance skills and amazing expressions, ranked 2nd. The long-awaited No.1 belonged to Cristina as a result of synthesizing factors such as skills and expressing emotions.

JYP's global girl group project

After the ranking announcement, J. Y. Park said, “Let’s forget about today. I’ll see you tomorrow with the vocal evaluation.”

In addition, at the end of episode 6, there was a scene in which participants helped each other and gathered together. When some of the participants who did not receive stones shed tears, others encouraged with words such as “You did amazing! You were so beautiful“, “You were amazing and the PD said do not worry to the people that didn’t get stones. You have other opportunities, singing with the team, the star personality thing“, and so on.

On the other hand, “A2K” is a big global joint project between JYP and Republic Records. It aims to launch a global girl group consisting of all North American members which utilizes the K-pop system.

Recently, the first episode surpassed 5 million views on YouTube. The show is about to reach 20 million views in total (up to episode 5), proving the global popularity craze. “A2K” is released on JYP’s official YouTube channel every Tuesday and Friday at 10 AM (KST).

Episode 7 of “A2K” will be released on August 4th.

Source: Daum

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