The current shoulder condition of BTS’s Suga, who got injured while doing a pre-debut delivery job 

BTS’s Suga talked about his shoulder problem in a recent live broadcast. 

On May 4th, Suga turned on V LIVE to communicate with fans through a live broadcast. While Suga was talking about the song ‘That That’, which he recently collaborated with Psy, a fan asked, ‘Did your shoulder hurt while dancing?’

Fans have been worried because Suga has not yet fully recovered from his shoulder surgery but still performed the choreography of ‘That That‘, which includes an intense movement requiring him to turn his arms a lot.

In response to the fans’ concern, Suga explained that the range of movement in which he can use his right arm and left arm is different. He said, “You’ll notice at the concert too. After I underwent the surgery, the angle of my shoulders didn’t come out. The angle at which the right arm and the left arm turn is different.” 

bts suga

Suga added, “It doesn’t hurt to turn my arm, but it hurts when it goes beyond the range of motion because it is twisted. It feels like my shoulder is securely stabilized after the surgery.”

Suga reportedly injured his left shoulder in an accident while riding a motorcycle during a part-time job back in 2012, before BTS’s debut. Suga suffered from ongoing pain after his debut. In 2020, he underwent a surgery to suture a ruptured joint in his shoulder. After the surgery, Suga focused on recovery and rest without taking part in most official activities.

BTS Suga

In December 2020, even though his shoulder had not yet completely recovered, Suga drew attention when he appeared in Big Hit labels’ ‘2021 New Year’s Eve Live‘ concert.

At the time, Suga decided to attend the concert because he wanted to see fans despite the fact that he couldn’t even pick up the microphone with his left arm.

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