Han So-hee revealed her daily life that is like a pictorial set in New York

Han So-hee’s cool yet charming visual surprised even New Yorkers

Han So-hee uploaded several photos of her recent situation in New York on her own Instagram on her 20th. In her photos, Han So-hee is perfectly dressed in a variety of outfits, from charismatic black outfits to lovely dresses.

Han So-hee recently departed for New York, USA to carry out a schedule.

Meanwhile, Han So-hee chose the drama ‘Kyungseong Creature’ as her next work. ‘Kyungseong Creature’ is a creature thriller set in the spring of 1945, when the darkness of the era enveloped, in which two young people whose only survival was everything, confront a monster born of greed.

Source: naver

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