Han Hyo Joo and Kim Yoo Jung luckiest in 2023, Yoo Seon Ho to own a building?

The fortunes and luck of various celebrities, alongside that of “Rabbit stars”, were predicted for the new year.

In the January 5th episode of the KBS2 TV program “Entertainment company Live”, a fortune teller appeared to “predict” the future of various celebrities for 2023.

Here, Hwang Shin Hye, director Lee Bong Won, director Park Chan Wook, Han Hyo Joo, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Min Ho, etc. were called “Rabbit stars” – people who were born in the year of the Rabbit. Among 20 Rabbit stars, Hwang Shin Hye was said to have the best money luck, with broadcasts coming in constantly. “It’s a year when a lot of money accumulates”, the fortune teller said about the actress. 

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Meanwhile, Kim Yoo Jung, an actress with 20 years of experience was chosen for 2nd place in terms of money luck. On the other hand, Ji Chang Wook, who was born in the year of the Rabbit, may enjoy job luck in 2023. “He will have an unrivaled presence”, the fortune teller said, adding that the actor will become everyone’s lover. 

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On the other hand, the Rabbit star who will bring good news this year is Kim Jun Ho, who has been showing a sweet side with his lover Kim Ji Min. In particular, Kim Jun Ho previously mentioned marriage with Kim Ji Min on air, drawing attention. About the comedian, the fortune teller raised expectations by saying, “If you plan to get married, you can start from October this year.” Kim Sook, however, had no luck in love, and may have luck with a spouse in 2024. 

Han Hyo Joo was chosen as the luckiest Rabbit star. According to the fortune teller, she will experience both talent and financial luck and will thrive “120% like fish in the water”. 

Kim Jun Ho

Finally, an interview with DinDin and Yoo Seon Ho of the “2 Days & 1 Night” team was drawn. Here, Yoo Seon Ho got the fortune cookie that foretold him as a “10 billion building owner”. Seeing this, DinDin, who pulled “coffee truck gift” from his fortune cookie, showed a disappointed expression and said, “Please hire me”. 

Yoo Seon Ho then comforted him by saying, “If I become the owner of a building worth 10 billion won, I will send coffee trucks every day.”

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Finally, Jung Yong Hwa pulled the fortune cookie for “Going to the Cannes International Film Festival” in an interview. Excited, he said, “I have to shoot a movie quickly. I’m so grateful if that happens at the end of the year.”

Source: Daum

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