It’s too much… Yang Joon-il, controversy over selling goods amid record-breaking rainfall

Singer Yang Joon-il was embroiled in a controversy over official goods.

On August 12th, Yang Joon-il released his official goods. However, the price of a sun cap, including photo cards, is set at 59,800 won. Some fans point out that it is excessively expensive.

Besides, a record-breaking rainfall in 115 years caused damage all over the country on August 8th. While many celebrities are participating in the donation procession, fans could not hide their disappointment at him, who is doing the opposite by selling goods.

This is not the only controversy. Yang Joon-il recently put a toothpick on a toy for children sold at a store and uploaded photos on his SNS. After receiving negative comments, he suddenly deleted the post.

In addition, Yang Joon-il caused controversy by saying on his YouTube channel, “I was surprised to hear that a vaccine pass would come out for 6 months if I got Omicron. I thought, ‘If we get it quickly, we can gather up.'” He added, “If that happens, I’ll be able to hold a concert. It’s better to get it quickly…” Then, he was stopped by the PD.

Afterwards, he posted an apology on his SNS along with a handwritten message saying “I’m So~ Sorry!”. However, he was criticized for his insincere attitude.

In the past, Yang Joon-il received criticism from netizens for his sexual harassment remarks. When a female staff member said that she did not have a boyfriend, he replied, “Hey men, it’s an opportunity to buy a new car for the price of a used car.”

In addition, XBe, a one-person agency run by him and his wife, wrote that it was a popular culture and arts planning business in the registration of “XBe Corporation” and was investigated by the Korea Management Association in a situation where they had not received an official registration certificate for the popular culture and arts planning business. He was also embroiled in a controversy over the excessive price of fan meetings and goods.

Yang Joon-il is under fire for various scandals such as plagiarism, copyright violation and evasion of military service. However, the goods he is selling, including sun caps, are always sold out. Regarding this, some fans are criticizing him, saying, “It’s wrong to tolerate his atrocities.”

Source: daum

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