Freezia answer fans’ questions about “Single’s Inferno” and the show’s cast, “My Dad likes Choi Si-hoon”

“Single’s Inferno” Song Ji-ah recently had a Q&A session on her YouTube channel.

On January 15th, Song Ji-ah posted a video on her YouTube channel “Freezia” titled, “Single’s Inferno Q&A. I answer the most frequently asked question ft. You probably wouldn’t want to go home.’

In the video, Song Ji-ah said, “I got introduced to a Netflix producer, so I got lucky to get the job. I felt really lucky to have been able to meet that producer.”

“I went there and it was actually inhabited. We really lived there. It was so hot and all I could see was nature. I had a hard time adjusting on the first day. Although I applied sunblock lotion on my entire body every two hours, I got so tanned. When I got back to Seoul, everyone was asking, “Why did you get so tanned? Where did you go?”

“Our tent was a whole lot better than what I expected because…My bed was right next to the entrance. Every time somebody came in or went out, I got sand all over my bed…We weren’t allowed to use our phones. They took mine away as soon as I got there! But as the show progressed, not having my phone…became my favorite part about the island. Without my phone, I stopped having useless thoughts because I was surrounded by nature, I didn’t get stressed out about work.”


About Paradise Island, she said, “It was probably the best hotel…that I’ve ever been to.  It was like my dream home? You know that hotel I went to with Sihun? That suite was totally my dream home.”

About the members of “Single’s Inferno,” “I’m a pretty shy person And I was in that tough environment…with people I didn’t know. Remember I cried in the end because I got so close with them? That’s how good a time we had together! They were all so cool. And I had such a good time. We even have a group chat! We keep in touch as good friends. We check up on each other, and nobody fought with each other,” the YouTuber revealed.

Freezia took time to directly answer the questions sent by fans. To a fan’s question, “Is there a scene that surprised you while watching the show?”, Freezia answered, “‘Okay, I will be considerate’, ‘Oppa?’, ‘You probably don’t want to go home’, stuff like that. I didn’t do that on purpose. I didn’t know you guys would like that so much or that they would blow up. I get to see for the first time what I’m like when I’m dating”.

Song Ji A also addressed her nickname ‘Dongtae Ji A’ because of her spacing out while chatting with the male cast, “It was not because I didn’t like him. It was just that I was in a bad condition. I’m the type of person who sleeps in the morning and wakes up in the afternoon, but I had to get up at 6 to get ready, so I couldn’t adapt to the sudden change in sleeping pattern”.


Regarding her family’s response, One thing that my Mom said is that my bikini was too revealing! It was actually my Dad…who didn’t say much about it! He congratulated me on the “Oppa” note!”

She then said, “He said that he wishes I met somebody…who takes care of and loves me like Sihun! He seems to think really highly of him.”

About the show’s script, Freezia stressed, “Yes! We actually stayed there. Nothing was scripted at all. If there were a script, what should I bet? I could bet my Pringies…”

Regarding her “cute and sexy” introduction, “I didn’t prepare for anything! I always describe myself as cute and sexy. I don’t regret it. I wanted to show myself as I am.”

As she received three votes on the first day, Song Ji-ah said, “The guys wouldn’t talk to me! So, I actually had given up…on the first round of postcard votes. All I felt was relief!”

Asked if she expected to go to Paradise, she said, “Before we went there, I didn’t have any deep conversations… with Hyeonjoong. I’m the type who talks with their eyes I sent a signal, and I think he sent me one back. We had that in common, and we went to Paradise Island together.”

About going to Paradise the second day, “People were confused as to…whether it was a date or a fan meeting. Before I went the second time with Sihun, nothing happened between us! I just chose the next person…that I was interested in.” 

Finally, Song Ji-ah promised she would work hard to repay fans’ love, “If you have any more questions, please leave them in the comments. I’ll pick them out and try to answer them.”


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