Song Ji A (Freezia) shares what she finds surprising in ‘Single’s Inferno’ and explains her nickname ‘Dongtae Ji A’

Freezia (Song Ji A), a Youtuber who rose to fame after appearing in ‘Single’s Inferno’, responded to fans’ questions in latest video.

Earlier today (January 15), Song Ji A uploaded a new video onto her YouTube channel Freezia titled “Single’s Inferno QnA, Answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions ft. ‘You probably don’t want to go home’”.

Freezia took time to directly answer the questions sent by fans. To a fan’s question, “Is there a scene that surprised you while watching the show?”, Freezia answered, “‘Okay, I will be considerate’, ‘Oppa?’, ‘You probably don’t want to go home’, stuff like that. I didn’t do that on purpose. I didn’t know you guys would like that so much or that they would blow up. I get to see for the first time what I’m like when I’m dating”.

Song Ji A also addressed her nickname ‘Dongtae Ji A’ because of her spacing out while chatting with the male cast, “It was not because I didn’t like him. It was just that I was in a bad condition. I’m the type of person who sleeps in the morning and wakes up in the afternoon, but I had to get up at 6 to get ready, so I couldn’t adapt to the sudden change in sleeping pattern”.

Freezia nickname Dongtae Ji A

She continued, “I should have changed my sleeping routine a month before the show, but I couldn’t do it. I know I had a show to shoot, but my body didn’t follow what I wanted”, adding, “It is true that the reason I became ‘Sangtae Ji A’ later on was that I met somebody who was like my ideal type. But it was also due to the fact that my body got used to the pattern as the show progressed and my mind also became clearer”.

Freezia nickname Dongtae Ji A

In addition, Song Ji A told the story about her family who also watched “Single’s Inferno”, saying “Sihoon was my dad’s pick. He said he enjoyed watching Si-hoon. He hoped that I can meet someone who cares for me and gives me so much love the way Si-hoon did”

Freezia nickname Dongtae Ji A

Meanwhile, in Netflix’s original entertainment show “Single’s Inferno”, which recently ended, Song Ji A finally escaped from Hell by forming a couple with Kim Hyun-joong. 


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