Lee Seung-gi, the double life of “monster genius” (The Law Cafe)

“The Law Cafe” Lee Seung-gi reveals the double life of “monster genius” Kim Jeong-ho.

KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “The Law Cafe” (written by Lim Eui-jung, directed by Lee Eun-jin, produced by Jidam Media, High Ground), which is scheduled to premiere at 9:50 PM on September 5th, is a Lawmance drama which tells the love story of Kim Jeong-ho, a former prosecutor who is known as “monster genius“, and Kim Yu-ri, a beautiful lawyer with a four-dimensional personality. “The Law Cafe” is based on the web novel of the same name written by Noh Seung-ah, which recorded more than 25 million views. It is considered one of the most anticipated dramas that will bring healing in the second half of 2022 with director Lee Eun-jin’s refreshing visual beauty and writer Lim Eui-jung’s amazing writing skills.

Above all, “The Law Cafe” is receiving keen attention from numerous viewers waiting for “Lee Seung-gi’s romantic comedy” as Lee Seung-gi announced his return to “romantic comedy” after a long time. Lee Seung-gi will appear as building owner Kim Jeong-ho, a former “monster genius” prosecutor and current web novel writer. He is expected to give off a variety of charms like “romantic comedy emperor“, from smartness, charisma, comic to sweetness.

In this regard, Lee Seung-gi draws attention by presenting “Kim Jeong-ho’s Double Life #3″. Scenes in which Kim Jeong-ho (Lee Seung-gi), who looked like an ordinary playboy, revealed unusual behaviors. Kim Jeong-ho, who erected the red sweatsuit collar, gives a bright smile and breaks down viewers’ vigilance. However, in other cuts, he exudes a “mysterious charm“, amplifying curiosity.

Wearing a blue sweatsuit, Kim Jeong-ho shows a stairway action through the rain with a sharp look on his face, creating an extraordinary feeling. Besides, Kim Jeong-ho in a khaki sweatshirt doubles his secretiveness by making a secret call with a serious expression. In addition, Kim Jeong-ho, who took off his sweatsuit to dress up in a white shirt and a black suit, is following someone with a charismatic look. Expectations are high for Kim Jeong-ho’s performance as to why former “monster genius” prosecutor Kim Jeong-ho, who boasts of “heavenly specification“, quit being a prosecutor and continued his suspicious moves.

On the other hand, Lee Seung-gi received lots of responses from the staff with his passionate performance in “Kim Jeong-ho’s Secret Behaviors 1, 2, 3“. In order to create an atmosphere that is very different from Kim Jeong-ho’s usual appearance, Lee Seung-gi paid close attention to each expression and put all his energy into it. As a result, legendary scenes in which Kim Jeong-ho’s three-dimensional character stands out were created.

The production team said, “Lee Seung-gi is maximizing immersion level by flexibly digesting the complex psychology of Kim Jeong-ho. Please pay a lot of attention to the one and only drama ‘The Law Cafe’, where you can get a glimpse of Lee Seung-gi’s 10 million expressions.”

The first episode will air on September 5th at 9:50 PM.

Source: daum

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