Park So Dam, “The reason I cried when mentioning Lee Ha Nee, who was like a mother to me, was…”

Actress Park So Dam explained why she shed tears when mentioning Lee Ha Nee (Honey Lee) during “Phantom” press conference.

On January 16th, Park So Dam had an interview at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul and talked about her new movie “Phantom”.

In “Phantom”, Park So Dam plays Yuriko, a powerful figure in the Joseon government-general who takes advantage of her provocative charm to become the direct secretary of the general political affairs chief.

Park So-dam

Earlier at the press preview and press conference of “Phantom” on January 11th, Park So Dam drew attention as she shed tears while referring to Lee Ha Nee, who worked with her in the movie. At that time, Park So Dam emotionally shared, “I feel strangely comforted when hearing Ha Nee sunbaenim’s voice”.

Expressing her gratitude to Lee Ha Nee, Park So Dam said, “She treats me nicely and generously. Despite our huge age difference, she took good care of me and let me rely on her. She was like a mother to me throughout the filming process”. She continued, “When Lee Ha Nee performed her lines in Park Cha Kyung’s tone at the press conference, I cried because the feelings of two years ago suddenly came back to me”.

Park So Dam Honey Lee

She added, “When I fell into a dark tunnel, Lee Ha Nee kept pulling me out. She comforted me and gave me strength by saying ‘Our So Dam, cheer up. Our So Dam is doing well’.”

Regarding the scenes where she acted alongside Lee Ha Nee, Park So Dam said, “Lee Ha Nee sunbaenim accepted my ideas during the rehearsals and tried to match with my acting. When I was mentally shaken amid the shooting, Lee Ha Nee was the person who grabbed me and pulled me back. I still remember those times vividly”.

Park So-dam

After confessing her worries, Park So Dam expressed her determination for the futre, saying “I want to appear on the filming sêt with positive and good energy like Ha Nee sunbaenim always does”, adding “I want to become a senior like her who can help junior actors when they have a hard time”. She continued, “I want to hear people say, ‘It’s so much fun working with So Dam. She has good energy’. I will try to maintain the best condition until my next work.”

Park So-dam
Park So Dam

Lastly, the actress said, “I was so happy that there are many people who care and cheer for me. I came to the VIP premiere and lots of seniors said, ‘So Dam, you look so happy and bright’, ‘So Dam, you are now healthy, right?’, etc. It was so nice to meet the viewers, too”.

“Phantom”, starring Park So Dam and Lee Ha Nee, will premiere on January 18th.

Source: wikitree

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