BTS V surpassed 27 million followers, became the most followed Korean male celebrity on SNS

BTS V now has the largest number of Instagram followers among Korean male stars.  

As of 5:30 p.m. on Dec 22nd (KST), V’s Instagram followers have surpassed 27,265,000 followers, beating actor Lee Min-ho to set a new record for the most followed Korean male celebrity.

BTS V Instagram followers

As of 11:30 a.m. on Dec 23rd (KST), V has about 27,36 million Instagram followers, which is 90,000 more than actor Lee Min-ho.

BTS V Instagram followers

On Dec 6th, V finally opened a personal Instagram account 8 years after his debut with BTS. Right on the 1st day, V drew attention by immediately setting a new world record by getting 1 million followers in 43 minutes and 10 million followers in 4 hours and 47 minutes, for which he was given an official certification from the Guinness World Records on Dec 13th.

BTS V Instagram followers

V is also taking over Instagram by storm as 4 of his posts have received more than 16 million likes each, claiming Asia’s 1st to 4th most-liked photo on Instagram.

BTS V Instagram followers

Meanwhile, V and the BTS members are taking a long vacation to be with their family and friends. After a good rest, BTS will return with a concert in Seoul next March.


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