BTS members created their personal Instagram accounts

The members of BTS now all have their personal Instagram accounts created.

All seven BTS members finally have their own personal SNS channels. Insight has confirmed on Dec 6th that an official SNS channel has been created for each member of BTS. The accounts have all been marked with a blue official certification mark.

BTS personal Instagram accounts

V’s account name is “thv”, while Jimin’s is “j.m.”.

Jin’s account is named “jin” after his stage name. j-hope has a unique account name which is “uarmyhope”.

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Suga’s account name is “agustd” while RM’s account name is “rkive”.

And the longer yet creative account name is Jung-kook’s. His account is “abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz”, which is unique as he removed the initials of his name from the alphabet.

All members have posted their first posts one by one, and their follower number is exploding.


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