BTS V broke the record previously held by Lisa after nearly a day of having the first post

V is proving his global reputation when setting a series of records on Instagram despite just having a personal account.

On the afternoon of December 6, BTS suddenly announced the personal Instagram accounts of 7 members.  This is the first time the members have joined this social networking platform after 8 years of working in the entertainment industry. As expected, BTS is currently the top group in the world, so they will definitely break a lot of records on this platform. It’s just that no one expected them to do it so quickly, especially with member V – the owner of the @thv account.

V (BTS) broke BLACKPINK Lisa's Instagram record

Specifically, most recently, V has become the Asian artist with the most liked posts in Instagram history.  This is V’s 2nd post after making his account public, with 2 different pictures in the same post. The first photo is a  black and white photo, and the second is a close-up zoom of his face while using shaving cream.

V (BTS) broke BLACKPINK Lisa's Instagram record
V’s post holds the record for the most likes by an Asian artist

This post hit 13.7 million likes in just 22 hours, which is also the fastest among Asians using Instagram. V also beat the Asian artist with the most likes on Instagram, Lisa (BLACKPINK). Before that Lisa had an Instagram post that recorded 13 million likes after 66 hours and 55 minutes, and now this post is reaching 13.690.782 likes.

V (BTS) broke BLACKPINK Lisa's Instagram record
Lisa’s previous post holds the record for the most likes by an Asian artist

Up to now, the above post has recorded more than 14.7 million likes.  This is an extremely impressive number considering that V‘s account currently has just over 21 million followers, while the old record holder Lisa has 68.9 million followers.

V (BTS) broke BLACKPINK Lisa's Instagram record

Let’s take a look at some of the records that V has set since he first published his account on the afternoon of December 6.

  • V’s account became the fastest Instagram account to get 1 million, 2 million, 3 million, 4 million, 5 million, 6 million, 7 million, 8 million, 9 million, 10 million, 11 million, 12 million, 13  million, 14 million, 15 million, 16 million, 17 million, 18 million, 19 million followers.
  • In addition, most recently, V’s account also officially reached 20 million followers – recorded as the fastest in the history of the Instagram platform.
  • The Asian has the fastest Instagram posts to reach 13 million likes.
  •  The first Asian man to have a post hit 13 million likes on Instagram.
  • The Asian artist has the most-liked post on Instagram so far (the number has surpassed 14 million likes).  In the future, if this post of V can have more than 18.5 million likes, it will officially enter the TOP 20 posts with the most likes in Instagram history (current 20th position is Billie Eilish’s post with 18,5 million likes).
  • First Asian male artist to have 4 posts all surpassing 10 million likes.
  • The person whose comment got the most likes in Instagram history with more than 1 million likes (breaking the record of Zendaya’s comments, which has more than 900k likes).  This comment by V is below Jimin’s first Instagram post.
V (BTS) broke BLACKPINK Lisa's Instagram record
V is currently considered the Asian star dominating Instagram even though he has only opened an account for more than two day
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