Minah (Girl’s Day) was unrecognizable in her new photos, fans expressed concerns for her health 

Her sudden image change worries fans over her health condition. 

Fans recently showed concern for Minah (Girl’s Day) after the idol-actress posted a series of photos of herself on a vacation. What was noticeable was that she dropped considerable weight and seemingly lost her energetic image. This recent image change raises strong concern whether she is under a strict diet regime to polish up her image or is experiencing a health condition. 

Under the post, fans expressed their worry for Minah’s health, saying: “Unnie should eat more,” “Why are you getting skinnier,” “Please bring back the cute and healthy Girl’s Day Minah.” 

Minah was born in 1993 and debuted with Girl’s Day in 2010. In her idol days, Minah gained popularity for a sweet and cute image as well as a healthy body. Nonetheless, when she turned to acting, Minah dropped a recognizable amount of weight and lost her charming point in the past, raising mixed opinions from fans. 

Bang Min-ah
Minah in the old days with a round, cute face and healthy physique
Bang Min-ah
Minah grew skinnier when she turned to acting 

Source: Koreaboo

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