Six “natural beauties” who have been treated like princesses since they were young

These celebrities have been attracting attention from people since childhood because they were pretty since birth.

They properly proved themselves to be “natural beauties” by releasing past photos showing that they look the same as they do now.

They are envied by many because of the superior genes they inherited from their parents.

Let’s take a look at the stars who are destined to become celebrities with their outstanding looks.

1. Singer Sull-yoon

Seol-yoon, a member of the idol group NMIXX, is famous for being a natural beauty with perfect features from an early age.

Recently, a picture of Sull-yoon‘s babyhood was released on an online community.

In the photo, Sull-yoon surprised everyone, showing off her big, clear eyes and sharp nose bridge.

2. Singer Suzy

Suzy, who is currently active as a singer and actor, is also one of the leading stars who has not been through any plastic surgery.

Suzy worked as a fitting model before her debut, which is why she has a lot of pre-debut photos.

Even when she was a model, Suzy received keen attention for her innocent face and outstanding vibe.

In fact, Suzy participated in the preliminary round of Mnet’s audition program “Superstar K” in Gwangju in 2009 and was cast by JYP Entertainment partly thanks to her unrivaled features.

3. Actress Han Ga-in

Actress Han Ga-in is a “native beauty” who boasted a visual so perfect even before her debut.

In 2000, Han Ga-in appeared on KBS’ “9 O’clock News” as her real name Kim Hyun-joo.

Han Ga-in, who was 19 years old at the time, surprised the public by showing off her pretty forehead, sleek, high nose bridge, and deer-like eyes.

Despite her bare face without makeup, Han Ga-in‘s colorful beauty was not hidden, drawing attention.

4. IVE’s Jang Won-young

IVE’s visual center Jang Won-young, who debuted when she was in middle school, has gained immense popularity ever since she competed in Mnet’s survival show “Produce 48” thanks to her surreal body proportions and fairy-like facial features. 

Jang Won-young has proved herself to be a natural beauty with her childhood photos in which she looks exactly the same as now. Having an outstanding appearance since her elementary school days, Jang Won-young was cast on the street by Starship Entertainment and joined the industry when she was only 13.

5. Actress Jo Bo-ah

Actress Jo Bo-ah is without doubt also a 100% natural beauty.

In an episode of SBS’s “Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant”, a past photo of Jo Bo-ah was unveiled, through which she gained admiration for boasting an outstanding beauty and sharp features when she was a young girl. 

Netizens were amazed by the photo, saying that Jo Bo-ah must have inherited her mother’s genes. During her past appearance in Y-STAR’s “Star News”, Jo Bo-ah also revealed that she had never undergone plastic surgery.

6. Actress Han So-hee

Actress Han So-hee is another verified natural beauty.

Han So-hee was embroiled in plastic surgery suspicions several times due to her unrealistically high nose and fierce, alluring aura. However, in an interview of hers in 2018, Han So-hee drew attention by saying that her beauty is all-natural and she looks just like her parents. 

Han So-hee’s plastic surgery rumors were debunked when her pre-debut high school pictures were released and showed that there is zero difference between teenage and current Han So-hee. Ever since she was young, Han So-hee has always exuded such a unique and charismatic aura. 

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