Korean netizens find this scene in “A Business Proposal” ridiculous 

A scene in the drama “A Business Proposal” attracted netizens’ attention.

A Business Proposal
“A Business Proposal”

On March 21st, a post was made on the online community theqoo, saying, “The main character of a drama called 3.5 million won after tax a rat tail-like salary.”

In the first episode of the SBS drama “A Business Proposal,” Shin Ha-ri (Kim Se-jeong) had a salary of about 3.5 million won and said, “If I subtract my savings, company loan repayment, and allowance from my small salary, only 50,000 won remains.”

Netizens who saw the scene said, “Her gross monthly income is 3.49 million won and annual salary is 49 million won, (if that’s a rat tail) my salary must be a cockroach leg”, “My salary is not even a rat tail,” “She has a monthly saving of 2 million won, and dares to say she has no money,” “I’m just jealous,” and “If she’s a researcher at a large company, it’s true that this salary is small.”

Meanwhile, Kim Se-jeong plays Shin Ha-ri, a researcher at a food company, in the SBS drama “A Business Proposal.”

The drama “A Business Proposal” is a romantic comedy about the story between a CEO male protagonist and the female protagonist, who pretended to be her friend to go on a blind date with the CEO.

The web novel and webtoon of the same name are so popular that they recorded 320 million views at home and 4 million viewers at home and abroad.

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