Brave Girls Yujeong x WJSN Yeoreum “There’s an idol who took 16 pills of constipation medicine”

WJSN Yeoreum and Brave Girls Yujeong shared their concerns about dieting.

On KBS 2TV’s variety show “Diet”, which aired on July 16th, WJSN Yeoreum appeared in “Brave Girls Yujeong’s Diet After Day”.

On this day, Brave Girls Yujeong met WJSN Yeoreum and talked about her healthy diet. With Kim Shin-young’s guidance, she was able to lose weight happily and joyfully.

In particular, what drew attention was the extreme diet method that idol girl group members and trainees chose for their slim bodies.

Yeoreum surprised everyone by revealing, “All WJSN members are skinny, but we don’t feel confident. We’re skinny, but we look swollen on camera. When we eat one food, we keep thinking about it. When we were trainees, we went to the drugstore to buy constipation medicine even though we weren’t constipated.”

Yujeong also said, “A friend of mine had three meals a day with only iced Americano. Since there was nothing to eat, she couldn’t defecate and had to take 16 pills of constipation medicine. Ah, I was shocked that she had to go to the hospital.”

Yujeong attracted attention by adding, “I couldn’t get out of the diet that girl groups do, either. But while participating in this (‘Diet’), I feel like I’m losing weight comfortably. I learned how to exercise, eat and maintain my body in a good mood.”

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