BTS V posted a short video with ‘boyfriend vibe’ as if he was making a video call with his girlfriend before going to bed

8 years after their debut, BTS members finally started to communicate more with fans by creating their personal SNS accounts.

Publicizing his Instagram account on December 6th, V caught the attention of fans by posting unreleased daily life photos. In particular, he uploaded a short video of him lying on his bed on Instagram story at midnight. V appeared in the video lying on a white pillow as if he was about to go to sleep. Especially, the BTS member was wearing no top, attracting fans’ attention.

BTS V Instagram

He smiled and greeted fans affectionately, “Please care for me”. Many fans were enthusiastic over the video because it looked exactly like a real-life scene of a boyfriend making a video call with his girlfriend before going to bed.

BTS V Instagram

Meanwhile, V created his Instagram ID on December 6th. He recorded 1 million followers in only 43 minutes after publicizing his account, surpassing the previous shortest record (1 hour and 45 minutes) and establishing a new world record.

BTS V Instagram

Gaining 2 million followers in just an hour, V continued to draw attention by gathering up to 10 million followers in only 5 hours. As of 9 A.M on December 7th, the number of V’s Instagram followers was 16.4 million.


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