Son Ye Jin once regretfully missed a blockbuster because of a box office bomb

The person chosen to replace Son Ye Jin is also one of the top actresses.

Son Ye Jin has turned down many scripts over the course of her 20-year career due to time constraints, schedule conflicts, or simply because she did not want to accept them. However, many people are unaware that Son Ye Jin once missed the television blockbuster “Iris,” which was a huge success in terms of viewership ratings.

Son Ye Jin Iris

Iris is an action drama released in 2009. At that time, Son Ye Jin was still unlucky in the drama field while the majority of her successful works were in the movie field. Perhaps this is why Son Ye Jin turned down Iris in order to focus on her big-screen comeback with White Night. Unfortunately, when it was released in theaters, White Night only received less than 1 million viewers. Meanwhile, Iris became a 2009 Korean TV blockbuster with a budget of up to 20 billion won, with viewership ratings ranging from 25.4 to 41.8 percent.

Son Ye Jin Iris

After Son Ye Jin refused the main role, the crew of Iris quickly found an equally popular beauty – Kim Tae Hee.  And while Son Ye Jin pocketed a box office bomb, Kim Tae Hee got herself a role of a lifetime.  This is considered a project to help Kim Tae Hee perfect her acting ability, and receive many compliments.

Son Ye Jin Iris
Son Ye Jin Iris


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