NCT Jeno is fated to be a star: from child model and actor, to globally famous Kpop idol

This CF model who melted the hearts of people with his cute eyes in a milk CF has become a successful Kpop idol.

NCT Jeno (real name Lee Jeno), who is a member of the SM boy group NCT, as well as the sub-groups NCT U and NCT DREAM, is currently receiving a lot of love from the public.  


NCT DREAM, which recently announced the news of their comeback with a winter song, has released teasers for each member one by one. On December 4th, the teaser of Jeno was uploaded on the group’s official Instagram. 

In the photo, Jeno showed off a warm appearance which brightened up the atmosphere and made viewers happy. 

On the other hand, NCT DREAM’s latest title “Candy” is a reinterpretation of H.O.T’s “Candy”, which became a syndrome in the 1990s, and thus received high expectations. Meanwhile, Jeno, who drew attention with his teaser, is having his past as a child star re-examined. 

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In particular, back in his childhood, Jeno starred in numerous commercials for famous brands such as Enfant Milk, Paris Baguette, Kyungdong Navien, Woongjin, and Pulmuone.


It is known that Jeno started working as a CF model after being street-casted while walking hand in hand with his mother on the subway. Afterwards, he mainly acts as a cute child who has grown up in proper care. 

Jeno also excellently pulled off a tearful scene in a CF, and later proved his acting skills and gained attention as a child actor in the 2006 movie “Love Me Not”. 


With such huge experiences, Jeno joined SM Entertainment. In 2013, he became the youngest trainee selected for the SM Rookies project and thus garnered topics even before his debut.

In 2016, Jeno started full-fledged activities as a member of NCT DREAM with the release of the single “Chewing Gum”. 


Alongside his activities as a member of NCT and NCT units NCT U and NCT DREAM, Jeno also tries his hand at lyric writing, and has contributed to various songs such as NCT DREAM’s “119”, “Puzzle Piece”, “Rainbow”, “ZOO”, and “Never Goodbye”.

Source: Daum

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