Jeon Somi’s Honest Response When Asked if She’s Dating 

Jeon Somi replied to a fan asking is she has a boyfriend 

During a recent live broadcast, Jeon Somi had a quick-witted response to a fan asking if she’s dating. A fan commented, “Do you have a boyfriend now?” To which, Jeon Somi hilariously replied, “If I had a boyfriend, would I be sitting here eating a plate of undercooked pasta that I made myself?


Jeon Somi’s humor and relatability is going viral. The singer has always been loved for not only her beauty and talent but also her down-to-earth personality.

Meanwhile, on October 11, Jeon Somi posted several photos on her Instagram, captioned with “Out of caption ideas.” In these pictures, Jeon Somi flaunts her vibrant orange-dyed hairstyle, radiating an adorable smile that captivated her fans.

Jeon Somi made a comeback earlier in August with her first EP, ‘GAME PLAN.’

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