“It’s such a waste she is an idol…” This female idol has the best background and profile ever

Cignature Chloe’s unexpected profile is attracting netizens’ attention.

On August 20th, an article related to Cignature Chloe‘s background and profile was posted on the online community Humor Univ..

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Born in 2001, Chloe (Yoon Ji-won) debuted as a new member of C9 Entertainment’s girl group Cignature on June 14th last year while studying data science at the University of Michigan.

Chloe has received the Obama President’s Education Award and the U.S. Congressional Award while her sibling is studying at the University of Pennsylvania is doing their intership at Tesla while her friends are interns at Apple.

In addition, in a V LIVE held on August 20th, she showed herself giving a C++ lecture to her friends.

Netizens, who saw Chloe’s unexpected background, commented, “I really want to listen to her lectures,” “An idol does coding as a hobby,” “Are you saying a programmer is working as an idol,” “The fact that her parents allowed her to become an idol is also amazing,” “She be giving C++ lectures at the age of 22,” and “I saw her face, God is unfair.”

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