North Korean media mentioned “Squid Game” following “D.P”: “South Korean society is suffering from corruption”

North Korea criticized South Korea’s capitalist society referring to Netflix’s Korean series “Squid Game”, which recently created a global syndrome.

On Oct 12th, North Korea’s propaganda media “Echo” wrote, “It is reported that the TV drama “Squid Game”, which reveals the reality of South Korean society where the weak is devoured by the strong and corruption has recently become commonplace, is gaining popularity among viewers.”

Squid Game D.P

At the same time, regarding the popularity of the “Squid Game”, this media claimed, “It is because they have dug into the reality of the South Joseon society and capitalism, where extreme survival competition and the poor eaten by the rich are prevalent.”

In addition, the media explained the plot of the drama in which participants buried in debt play games for 45.6 billion won in prize money, criticizing it as “a beastized South Korean society in which humans are driven into extreme competition and humanity is being wiped out.”

They then explained, “In particular, they create ruthless rules that force people to die if they are not in first place, and reenact an unequal society where the rich entertain themselves with the terrible slaughter of the poor.”

Squid Game D.P

Earlier in September, the media introduced another Netflix Korean drama “D.P.” and criticized it as well. In particular, regarding ‘D.P.’ they pointed out, “They are revealing the lax discipline, violent acts, and corruption prevalent in the South Korean military by showing the process of tracking down members who defected because they could not endure the pain caused by barbaric and inhumane violence.”

Source: Nate

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