Taeyang reveals how he collaborates with BLACKPINK Lisa for “Shoong!” 

BIGBANG member Taeyang mentioned the reason behind BLACKPINK Lisa’s feature for a song of his upcoming album. 

On April 24th, BIGBANG Taeyang held a listening event for his new solo album, “Down to Earth”, where he revealed the production process behind his songs.


According to a person who attended the event, Taeyang also mentioned how he got to collaborate with BLACKPINK Lisa for a b-side song of “Down to Earth”, “Shoong!”. 

In particular, when “Shoong!” was in its early stage, Taeyang didn’t exactly have in mind which artist he wanted to feature in the song. At the time, Taeyang only thought he wanted a female act who can perform and rap. 

However, Lisa came to the recording studio of Taeyang’s agency, The Black Label, one day, so Taeyang played “Shoong!” and asked Lisa if she’d like a collaboration. In the end, the feature came very naturally, and “Shoong!” ended up being made extremely fast. 


The same person also disclosed that “Shoong!” is an addictive song with a fun melody, and Lisa’s rap part was memorable and suited Taeyang. They also mentioned that Taeyang expressed his gratitude to Lisa in Thai, the female idol’s native language. 

On the other hand, Taeyang’s solo album “Down to Earth”, which includes his collaboration with Lisa, “Shoong!”, will be released at 6PM (KST) on April 25th. 

Source: Twitter

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