Only 3 Kpop soloists achieved this record, and Jennie (BlackPink) is one of them!

“SOLO” helped Jennie to be in top 3 Kpop soloists to own a 3 million likes for MV on YouTube.

On November 12th, Jennie made her debut as a solo artist with a successful music product called “SOLO”. Just one week after its release, the MV “SOLO” officially reached 3 million likes on YouTube, helping Jennie to be in the top three Kpop solo artists that achieved this record after PSY and J-Hope (BTS). In addition, the MV also reached the peak of view – more than 61 million views up to the present. This is considered to be a huge achievement for solo female artists.

It can be said that the investment in all aspects has helped “SOLO” and Jennie make the achievements far exceeded expectations. Jennie will probably be more successful with the next music product in the future.

“SOLO” – Jennie

Source: k14

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