Stray Kids’ Leader Bang Chan Receives Special Birthday Message from Actor Ryan Reynolds

Actor Ryan Reynolds Shows Himself as a STAY

Stray Kids’ leader, Bang Chan, celebrated his 26th birthday on October 3, and his special day was made even more memorable with warm wishes from fans and a surprise birthday message from Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds.

Bang Chan

Fans of Stray Kids, known as STAYs, flooded social media platforms to send their heartfelt birthday wishes to Bang Chan, sharing their love and appreciation for the talented leader. However, one birthday wish stood out among the rest – a tweet from the renowned actor Ryan Reynolds.

In a creative and humorous birthday greeting, Ryan Reynolds tweeted an edited video clip using a scene from his 2015 film “Woman in Gold.” In the clip, Reynolds’ character can be seen searching online for TWICE’s hit song “Like OOH-AHH.” During his search, he stumbles upon a snippet of Bang Chan appearing as a zombie in the music video, followed by a video of Bang Chan on a radio show.

Bang Chan

Ryan Reynolds captioned the tweet with a playful remark, saying, “You only turn 26 once. Or is it Twice?” The clever play on words between Bang Chan’s age and the popular K-pop group TWICE delighted fans and showcased Reynolds’ sense of humor.

The tweet quickly gained traction, amassing over 400,000 views and a significant number of likes and retweets at the time of writing. STAYs from all over the world expressed their admiration for the actor’s creativity and warm birthday message to Bang Chan.

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