Kim Seon-ho’s controversy seen by a lawyer: “No criminal issue, could be a problem for the exposed person”

In the 10th episode of channel IHQ’s “Secret News Room” which will air on Oct 30th, lawyer Jung Hye-jin, who is a former reporter, will appear as a special panel to discuss actor Kim Seon-ho’s incident, who has been embroiled in controversy over his personal life due to his ex-girlfriend’s revelation. 

The earlier disclosure, which started the incident, shocked people by claiming that Kim Seon-ho unilaterally notified his girlfriend about the breakup after forcing her to have an abortion under the guise of marriage.  In response, lawyer Jung Hye-jin explained, “The crime of adultery and abortion under the guise of marriage has already been abolished, and it is difficult to say that Kim Seon-ho committed any criminal offenses,” adding, “On the contrary, the exposed person could be in trouble for defamation.” 

Kim Seon-ho

Lawyer Jung emphasized, “However, apart from legal issues, he should also be cautious since this is a moral problem that is seriously criticized.” Regarding the amount of penalty that Kim Seon-ho, who has dropped out of several advertisements and upcoming movies due to this controversy, will have to pay, detailed legal explanations will be disclosed later. Lawyer Jung said, “There are punishments and fines, and punishments are much scarier than fines. Unlike fines, there is no way to reduce the punishments, and compensation for damages can also be charged separately later.”

Kim Seon-ho

During the broadcast, legal terms that often appear when broadcasters report incidents, such as “defamation crime”, “innocence”, and “drop the charge”, are conveyed as their exact meanings.

Meanwhile, “Secret News Room” is an entertainment talk show featuring MC Kim Han-seok, Kim Hyung-ja, LJ, Ji Won-i, cultural critic Kim Yeon-su, lawyer Jung Hye-jin, IHQ reporter (K-star News) Ahn Ji-sun, which is aired every Saturday at 11 A.M on channel IHQ.


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