Just Jerk “No team income for 7 years… Build practice room after Pyeongchang Olympics”

Just Jerk talked about their hardships to become a top team.

In episode 176 of tvN’s entertainment show “You Quiz on the Block” (hereinafter referred to as “You Quiz”), which aired on Jan 11th, dance crew Just Jerk appeared as a guest.

Just Jerk

Just Jerk appeared on Mnet’s variety show “Street Man Fighter” (hereinafter referred to as “SMF”), which ended in November last year, and won the championship. When asked why they appeared on “SMF” even though they were the world’s top team, team leader Young-J replied, “We participated in competitions in 2016 and 2017, and our shows went really well. After winning the world’s top title, we were invited a lot and performed a lot. Then COVID-19 broke out. We couldn’t attend events and competitions for about 4~5 years. Among the young friends who are in full swing, there were voices saying, ‘Isn’t Just Jerk past their prime?’ We told ourselves, ‘Let’s take this opportunity to show that we aren’t a paper tiger.’

Just Jerk You quiz

Afterwards, Young-J revealed hardships to become a top team in the world. He confessed, “It took 7 years for us to earn income after winning the ‘Body Rock’ world competition. 2018 (after the Pyeongchang Olympics) was the first year that we had a practice room.

After the team was formed in 2010, each individual made a living by working part-time or teaching dance. J-Ho shared, “Before we had a proper practice room, we practiced in the practice room on the days we could rent it. If we couldn’t, we went to the Han River to practice. At that time, our shadows were our mirrors.

Just Jerk You quiz

After winning “Body Rock”, Just Jerk participated in “America’s Got Talent” and advanced to the quarter final. They also performed at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Young-J expressed his feelings back then, “Kim Yu Na lit the torch then I danced with fireworks. I became the first dancer in the world to perform alone (for the Olympics). I really did everything I could. I thought about what I could do more in the future.

Young-J confessed, “After the Winter Olympics, we built the present Hapjeong Studio with the thought of ‘Why don’t we start with the practice room? Is it okay to gather profits from events?’ When the construction was finished, the members came and shouted, ‘Is this our practice room?’ I said, ‘It’s cool, right?’ That time was the happiest.

Source: Daum

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