Jung Hae-in boasted sexy muscle in the coldest scene of “Snowdrop”

Actor Jung Hae-in recalled filming a scene of “Snowdrop.”

On January 23rd, Jung Hae-in posted on his Instagram, “The coldest Snowdrop scene. Geumcheol Eungcheol Gyeokchan Suhyuk,” along with a photo.

jung hae in

In the released photo, Jung Hae-in is standing side by side in North Korean military clothes with Kim Min-kyu, Lee Jung-hyun, and Jang In-seop. The four actors wearing sleeveless shirts against the backdrop of the snowy field makes fans feel dizzy at their sexiness. In particular, Jung Hae-in captivated women’s hearts with his strong arm muscles. 

Meanwhile, Jung Hae-in is starring in JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Snowdrop.” 

Snowdrop” tells the story of Suho, a prestigious university student who suddenly jumped into a women’s university dormitory and was rescued by a female college student who hid and treated him, depicting a desperate love story against the era of the crisis in 1987.


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