“I want to receive a public apology,” the drama that Suzy starred in is facing a serious situation

Director Lee Joo-young, who directed the drama “Anna” starring Suzy, claimed that Coupang Play had damaged his work.

Siwoo Law Firm, director Lee Joo-young’s legal representative, announced his position in an official press release on August 2nd.

Director Lee Ju-young said, “Originally, ‘Anna’ had a total of eight episodes (45 to 61 minutes per episode), but Coupang Play unilaterally edited and released ‘Anna’ without consulting me, who is the director, reducing the series to six episodes. Not only did the amount of episode is decreased, but the narrative, filming, editing, intention of the series are all damaged,” he claimed.

I asked them to remove my name from ‘Director, Screenplay’ in the credit but even that request was rejected. I asked for a correction through my agent, but I haven’t received any reply. I hope Coupang Play will make a public apology and take corrective action.

Anna” is a mystery suspense drama about a woman who has lived a completely different life, starting with trivial lies from her name to family, education, and the past.

Suzy” received favorable reviews for playing the role of Lee Yoo-mi, a woman who was born to a poor father and a disabled mother, and the perfect woman Lee Anna whom everyone envies.

Source: wikitree

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