Someone found a really shocking detail while Woo Young-woo used her PC in the Hanbada office

Suspicions are rising that the computer used by Woo Young-woo, the main character of the ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” in her office is irregular.

Recently, a post titled “Why is a big law firm like Hanbada so poor?” was posted on the Korean online community dogdrip.

The post contains some in-drama captions of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and the captured chat log between two people talking about this scene.

According to the chat, one person said about how there was a funny scene and attached a caption of Woo Young-woo watching her computer monitor in the Hanbada office in the drama.

Woo Young-woo doesn’t use Windows’ Genuine Products. Is it okay not to use Genuine Products?

Violation of software copyrights can be punished by imprisonment for up to five years or a fine of up to 50 million won under Article 141 of the Copyright Act.

Internet users who heard the post responded in various ways, saying, “Even if you have a license, it will still appear like that if you don’t access the license server,” “If you use a volume (organization) license, your certification will be released at some point,” “Wow, that’s too much,” and “They should at least give the legal professionals the certified version.”

Source: wikitree

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